What is Micropigmentation?

The beauty of Micropigmentation is in it's long lasting effects. Often referred to as 'Permanent Makeup' or 'Cosmetic Tattoo', it will not smudge or fade throughout the day, unlike conventional makeup. Your look will remain perfect from sunrise to sunset; you will "Wake Up, Made Up" every single day!

This effect is why it is so important that your permanent makeup is absolutely perfect, and enhances your natural beauty exactly how you desire. While the micropigmentation industry is growing, it is crucial to recognize that achieving perfection requires an incredibly skilled and experienced practitioner. Choosing the right artist is absolutely essential!


I love what I do! Everyday I am fortunate to be able to combine my artistic skills and precision, with my love for the beauty in every one of my client's faces.


I look forward to meeting with you, and the opportunity to give you those beautifully natural results that you have been looking for."  

Who is Naomi Cowan?

Naomi Cowan is a Certified Master Micropigmentation Artist, with a lifetime worth of experience in the spa and beauty industry.


With a background in aesthetics, art, and even acupuncture, Naomi's attention to detail and dedication to her craft are beyond comparison

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